[31st of December 2018] Happy New Vietcong Year

We wish Happy New Year to all visitors to our web site and the Vietcong players.

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[3rd of May 2018] Gallery updated, New content!

We have good news for all Vietcong fans! Our work has moved over the past year thanks to our new members and due to frequent postponement of the project we have decided to release part of our project.You can now see screenshots from two new multiplayer maps made by "Melber" You can see in the gallery: TiongLiu and TheirLand.

We will publish the maps in the beginning of the summerEnd of Autumn

Two trailers from the upcoming add-on "Vietcong:Hell in the Jungle" are now available in the gallery. You can get to the section by clicking here.

[26th of March 2018] Fifteen Years Anniversary

We would like to welcome all our fans and visitors to our website. On 15th anniversary of the release of the legendary game Vietcong, which was released fifteen years ago. Happy New Year!

[22nd of March 2018] Web site updates

As you may have noticed there have been made some slight changes to the web site. We have added an offer with additional content for the future project. To get to the section, click here.

Mozilla users: Please use the link at the bottom of the page and enable cookies to see the web site correctly.

[20th of March 2018] New sections / F.A.Q.

MELBER added a couple of new sections. Note that not all sections are complete
In the next few days we add the rest.

[19th of March 2018] Addon Hell in the Jungle Web Site is Back

After a long period of time, the website will finally run

l Melber & Shenlor l
Or visit this link or this one