Trespasser is a next-generation engine, built from the ground up with gameplay in mind. 
Trespasser's engine generates a rich world, full of objects and creatures that all have a full physical reality, producing gameplay that is a generation past that of id-style shooters - gameplay with a depth and realism never seen before year 1998.

Combat can be as exciting as it is in the real world - not just choosing a weapon and aiming, but using real tactics - seizing the higher ground; turning over a table to block your opponent. Throwing the first thing that comes to hand - a rock, a telephone, whatever. Visceral, creative, terrifying experiences.

Puzzles take a giant leap forward. Say you want to break into a building. You are no longer just searching for the right button or lever. You do what you would do in reality: you walk around it a few times. You think about the architecture. You think about which doors, given the function of the building, would be most likely to be locked or unlocked. You lob a rock through a 2nd story window, just to hear it break. 

Story and Character: Trespasser is and is not a role-playing game. In Trespasser, there are no conversation interfaces, no separate interaction screens - just one continuous world. But Trespasser is a world of stories. 
One story is the gradual exploration of the past, a slow process of revelation. Who was John Hammond? What did it take to produce the greatest scientific accomplishment of the century? As you walk through the debris of the InGen Project, you will learn. Hammond has written a memoir, and as you slowly master the island, you will become master of his secrets as well, understand the scope of his life and his efforts there, the strength of character in a man who defeated the millenial process of extinction. 
Another is the story of Anne, an ordinary woman. You will come to know Anne, who is partly your persona, partly your companion as you explore the island. With her, you will come to understand mortal fear, and the sense of triumph that comes from mastering with your own hands a wild and savage world.... 

Artificial Intelligence: These dinosaurs have lives of their own. They aren’t going to sit around in some cave waiting for you to show up so that they can play an attack animation. When you stumble across a triceratops, it may just look at you once and then ignore you. It has more important matters to contemplate, like eating grass. On the other hand, don’t piss it off. 

Unlike the triceratops, raptors consider you far more interesting than the grass you are standing on. In fact, you look a fair bit easier to take than an angry trike. And then there’s the T-Rex, an insatiable eating machine. But don’t lose hope, even though ammo is short and raptors are clever. They just want dinner, so with some luck and skill you might be able to drive them off- if you can show them that you aren’t the easy prey you appear to be. 

The point is this: dinosaurs are animals, not inhuman monsters placed in dungeons to guard treasures. They have desires, for food, for safety. They don’t like pain. You can trick them and avoid them and show them who’s boss. Lead the pack of raptors over to that T-Rex… and hope that the T-Rex fancies raptor over human. If you play it right, you might be able to get through Trespasser without killing any dinosaurs. Well, almost. 

Hey, if you want to take on a group of raptors, each as tall as a man and a fair bit stronger, with razor claws and fangs and an instinct to kill, go ahead. Try to put stuff between you and them, anything you can find. Try to get them to stumble over one another and get in each other’s way. It may even work on the stupid ones. 

You’d better hope you can find a gun on this blasted island.

Trespasser ©1998 Dreamworks Interactive L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.
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