Multiplayer in Starship Troopers consists of three different modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Co-op. The most popular mode is Co-op which sees players defending a mechanic from an onslaught of arachnids whilst retrieving parts to repair a dropship to escape in. The network and lobby functions of Starship Troopers were provided by Demonware who have now withdrawn the services.

The latest, version 5.24 released in December 2005, introduced 4 new DM/TDM maps and 3 new co-op maps.

Last patch download:
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For playing SST we use "Hamachi" ​that helps us play this game  :)
Play rooms

Room ID:  SSTMP#1  Password: 1919201

Room ID:  SSTMP#2  Password: 1919202

Room ID:  SSTMP#3  Password: 1919203


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