You don't belong here. This isn't your world. It belongs to ancient 5-ton predators who move silently through lush jungle, an elder race who ruled this world long before your race came about. That's not fantasy, it's hard science. And it belongs to the enigmatic man whose iron will brought it into being - your adversary, your companion, your ultimate destination.

Trespasser is an adventure of the older generation. That's not what you saw today.

This is a complex world of real time and real physics. No dreary, repetitive combats. No standard puzzles. In a simulation where every object and creature is a physically modeled entity, you will learn to survive by improvisation, daring, and sheer will. Inside your computer you will scale towering cliffs and plunge into the darkest jungles. You will penetrate silent, hidden groves, and explore vistas of stunning beauty. You will reach a forbidden place, the origin of the greatest mystery in the modern world.
Consider yourself warned....

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